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Summer on A Shoestring: An Under $20 Gift-Giving Guide for Your Host(ess) With the Most(ess)

Posted by Courtney Love on

Invited to a backyard barbeque? Visiting a friend at their summer oasis? Bringing some bubbly or a craft beer is great, but taking just a little extra time to pick out something unique for your host will turn your casual summer get-together into a memorable and meaningful experience. Check out LovePop’s budget-friendly gift guide below for expressing your thanks this summer.

Make it personal. Literally. Monogramming can take your simple summer gift from sweet to sensational. For example, giving a bottle of wine is a standard social practice; however, presenting your wine in a bag monogrammed with your host’s initial is a functional, personal way of connecting with and thanking your host for their hospitality. Check out this customizable option from Land’s End. $8


Bring a conversation piece. Bringing a gift that the host or hostess can immediately use is a wonderful way to enhance the party’s mood and is sure to stir up some lively conversation. Speaking of stirring, a perfect choice might be a silly swizzle stick or straw that does double duty: drink identifier and drink mixer! These cocktail stirrers are a great option to bring out the party animal in everyone. $17


Size does matter. More than likely, most surfaces of the host’s home will be occupied by food or drinks. When saying “thank you” to your host, its best to give something they do not have to spend 20 minutes rearranging their furniture or party decor for. However, that does not mean you have to compromise on the integrity of your gift. Put a twist on a party classic by bringing a deck of cards that stands out from all the rest. This little treat is masculine enough to withstand the spills of a late-night poker match (it’s waterproof) and feminine enough toss on your coffee table for a quick display (it’s sparkly). $18


Give thanks. Entertaining, cooking, cleaning, and partying takes a lot of hard work even for the simplest of BBQ’s. Saying thanks to your summer host should be more than just giving a gift, it means taking the time to reciprocate the hospitality your host has shown you. With a unique LovePop card, you can incorporate all of the elements of a successful thank-you gift into one small package: unique, personal, memorable, and timeless. When the leftovers have been put away, dishes cleaned, and the party dispersed, the hosts are often exhausted. They will sit back on their couch, open your card, and know that their efforts and generosity were truly valued. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.” -- William Arthur Ward


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