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Inspiring, Encouraging, Comforting, Supporting, Loving

There are no words that can properly describe my Aunt Shakeh and the impact she has made on my life...since I was a toddler, she was always my second mom who lived in Boston, and sometime in elementary school when I learned the word "classy", I realized that she was the epitome of it.

But it wasn't until a few years later, when I saw her go through a terrible betrayal and subsequent divorce, that I saw first-hand a walking definition of the words "strength" and "dignity". As I watched her start from the beginning to create a new life, that's around the same time that I found myself struggling with mine.

She was there for me and for my parents in a way that none of us will ever forget. And she began to help me build myself back up, starting with a Joel Osteen book that she sent me in a package one day. Which led to a long conversation, and another. Until I realized that her words, just talking with me, were the ones that should have been bound and published. So I guess it would make sense that a few years ago when I was going through a rough patch -- one of an entirely different sort, yet one that was overwhelming at the time -- she was the person I called when I found myself breaking down and feeling at a loss.

I will not get into the details because she knows what it is that she did for me that day, and in the 3 years that followed. I will simply say that she quite literally got me back up on my feet and back on track. She is the person who sends me a greeting card on a random Tuesday just to remind me how fun it can be to come up with recipes for what to do with the lemons that may come our way. Or sometimes it's a random Thursday and the card is just to say hi and to remind me that in her eyes I'm a star.

And so while there are absolutely no words that could ever properly express how much you could love someone who has shaped and altered every aspect of your life and your soul, I smiled when I saw that Lovepop Cards had started this hashtag and this campaign.

Because sometimes it's not just our birth mothers that we celebrate, but our #othermother.


- This beautiful story was submitted by Tania -

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