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Linda is my older sister.

My parents separated when I was very young. We lived with my father. Linda was the person I went to for everything. She was always there for me when my father didn't understand me. She was a protector to me. Our father died when we were teenagers. We went back to live with our mother.

Linda was still my biggest supporter! She would help me clean my room, pick out my clothes, help me with my homework. She mentored me in sports and life. When I went to boarding school she surprised me for parents weekend. When I went to college her house was my home away from school. She help guide me through the perils of life. She taught me how to parent my children.

She was the mom that broke the mold on over the top birthday parties. She did home parties. I would emulate her parenting for my kids. How to be selfless,kind and caring. She is the most supportive and caring person I have ever known. There is nothing she won't do for people . She has dedicated her life to her family and those less fortunate. There is not a person who has met her whose life has not be touched or changed. She encompasses what a mother is.

Even though she was born as my sister, she has been as loving,caring and supportive as a mother. There is nothing I don't do before talking with her.

I love her with all my heart.


- This beautiful story was submitted by Lori Kinniburgh -

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