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My Cajun (West Texas actually) Mother

After college I moved to rural Louisiana to take an amazing job with a rapidly growing boat builder - Metal Shark Boats. I was so excited about the job, but so upset and nervous about leaving all my best friends at school and moving to this small town where I knew exactly zero people.

If there was one thing that gave me comfort - it was Donna Gravois. From the moment I met her I could feel the warmth, friendliness, and care. She fed me, she housed me, she laughed with me, and she helped me become the professional that I am today.

She enabled me to give my work everything I had. She made sure everyone on the team had what they needed both personally and professionally. She cooks the absolute BEST food! She was so proud and excited about the work we were all doing. Donna's love is contagious. It permeates the culture of Metal Shark.

And as I moved on to build a company of my own I make sure to carry that love forward.

I bring it to Boston and to Lovepop and I do my best to ensure everyone who interacts with our brand feels the love and care inspired by this amazing person.

Officially Donna was my boss's boss and owner of the company I worked for, but in actuality Donna was my Other Mother.


- This beautiful story was submitted by John Wise, COO of Lovepop -

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