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God sends us the Angel that we will need in life !

It all began when I accepted a new position as the HR Manager of a law firm when I was 24. On my first day I met Betty, my secretary.

Betty was a single Mom of three active boys. She was about 18 years older than me, absolutely stunning, with a personality that I immediately fell in love with. Betty was pretty much keeping a roof over the boys head, caring for them, getting them to soccer practice, struggling financially, but you would never know it. She smiled and was upbeat every day!

I came from an alcoholic home and was still thriving living in a chaotic environment because I did not know how to live in a calm, no drama, life. Betty quickly took me under her wing. When I fell in love with my husband to be and wanted him to change some habits, Betty told me to love him just the way he is. When I became angry with his family or friends, Betty taught me to let it go.

When I became pregnant with my first child, Betty threw away all the chocolate and bad food I kept hiding in the office. She taught me to not hold grudges, not follow the alcoholic turmoil I was accustomed to, laugh at myself, laugh often, embrace those around me, tolerate those I don’t understand, ignore those who are mean, and ALWAYS put my children first. I eventually left the firm, and kept in touch through Christmas cards.

I returned to the firm 22 years later and found Betty still there. Still stunning, still laughing and living life to the fullest. Our relationship continued without skipping a beat. Betty has been and will always be my “other mother” and one of my very best friends in the world. She is my voice of reason, my calm, and the person I reach out to when I need a friend who will never judge me and who will just be there for me. I love her completely, unconditionally, and I owe her a lifetime of “thank you’s”!

I love you Betty Badolato ! XOXO


- This beautiful story was submitted by Colleen Boyle -

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