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Powerful, Beautiful, Motivating, Hardworking

Christine has not only taken on the responsibility of being by cousin but has taken on the role of raising me as her own child since I was in middle school.

She has supported me through some of the hardest moments of my life and has pushed me to not only graduate highschool, graduate college, but has believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Her dedication to her work, love for her family, and love for her children my little sister and I are what I admire most about her.

Although growing up has been tough for me, she has pushed me to believe in myself and helped me accomplish getting into graduate school to follow my dreams of helping children and their families feel at peace in their homes and to accomplish their own goals.

Christine has inspired me to chase my dreams and has allowed me to experience what they mean by unconditional love. It is because of my mother that I can't wait to love and be as caring, supportive, and motivating to my children as she has been to me.


- This beautiful story was submitted by Samantha -

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