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Shannon Rogers

Shannon Rogers is someone I consider to be my other mother because she is one of my greatest friends and inspiration. She showed me what it was like to be a good friend and to be very hardworking and motivated. I met Shannon while I was in college and living in Atlanta through a fitness class at my gym. She urged me to join her running group on Tuesday evenings as well as Saturday mornings.

She introduced me to new friends and welcomed me with open arms into her life. Living in a new place I truly felt like I fit in when I met Shannon. Over the years she has given me great advice and been there for me on numerous occasions. Not only is Shannon a marathon runner, but she is also a very successful career woman. Working for the CDC in Atlanta, she received employee of the year award after working months of overtime doing research for something she was passionate about. Through the days that I saw her tired,

I also saw her push through and never gave up on meeting us for runs and her classes. I will never forget our 13 mile in the mud and rain because she was getting ready for a marathon. Because of Shannon I received a full scholarship for running at my college. She will forever be my other mother. 

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