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Dona J Branam

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This woman has been there for me since birth. She helped potty train me.

After my mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 12, she stepped up to ensure I graduated high school when no one else cared.

I moved out of state and got into trouble and she was one phone call away, saving me once again.

Here I am now 27 and just 2 days away from giving birth to my first child, and she still hasn't ever let me down. From making sure my car had new tires, a stroller and car seat for my son, and even throwing a baby shower for me. She is the most caring person i have ever known. A heart of gold. I'm so blessed to call her a second mom or #othermother.

She has always been there for me when the world was against me. And all while having a daughter of her own, never have I felt like even a step child. She has always treated me like her own. Her husband is like a second dad to me.

Without Dona, most likely i would be homeless, high school drop out, and addicted to drugs as many of my high school peers are. She taught me how to be a great mother, mentor, woman and wife. I know I'll continue to succeed from her guidance. She is the greatest inspiration a woman could've asked for. I love her with everything inside me.


Thank you for everything you continue to teach me in life.


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