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Marion Welp

It is ironic that Lovepop asked people to share about the other mom in their lives a day after my sister and I visited Marion and her daughter, Madelaine, for the first time in about 10 years. It was as if we had never been separated. We have known Marion and her family for over 45 years.

Growing up, we spent almost every day with them (the kids are still the other siblings). She taught us the "British" way to properly make and drink hot tea and we had many high tea parties with her. She always made us laugh with the way she pronounced certain words, including the state we lived in, Virgin-i-a!

When we were young, we loved being with her so much that we would even make trips with her to the grocery store. From sailing in the summer to skiing in the winter, she always included us.

She has always been encouraging, caring and shows a genuine concern for us and our growing families. We have shared graduations, weddings, births and deaths together with much love, tears, and admiration for each other.

We can not imagine how different our lives would be without her being a regular part of it.


- This beautiful story was submitted by : Beverly and Becky -

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