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The most selfless woman alive

My Aunt Linda has always been more than an aunt to me.

When I was a child she taught me the feminine side of life while embracing that I was a tomboy. There was never a time that she was too busy to talk. If I called she always took the time to listen, encourage and support. I would always walk away feeling empowered and like I could overcome whatever was in front of me.

She is a builder with her words and actions. I am a stronger woman for knowing her. I've watched her go through so many heartbreaking hard things and her faith never waivered.

She knows where her strength comes from and has been one of the strongest women I know.

After I married I went through multiple miscarriages and she was there with an empathetic heart and prayers that soothed my soul. She knew loss and knew how to help me get through my loss.

As an adult now with a family of my own, I live 2 1/2 hour away. We still see each other often, text, call and have power shopping trips. We giggle over coffee and always include ice cream. She is my mom's best friend and in turn her and my mom are my best friends.

She is my safe place, my example, and a person I would give my life for.

I love and respect her more than words can express.


- This lovely article was submitted by Amy Kempton -

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