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A Ray of Sunshine

Jean was introduced to me in the early 1990’s through a mutual friend.

After knowing her for about a year, she was invited to a birthday party I hosted for that friend. At the time, Jean had just gone through a divorce and was looking for a condominium to buy. When she saw my home, she decided to look in my subdivision and ended up buying a unit in an adjacent building.

While we became better friends, Jean also helped me by watering my plants and taking in my mail when I was out of town. She also showed me how to remove windows for cleaning and how to clean the furnace! More than anything, she listened and helped me figure out what to do with boyfriends and other life complications when my own mother either couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Jean moved to another state for several years, but we remained friends through phone calls and a couple visits. I even brought my dog on a visit when she had a dog and they kept each other company! Now in her 70’s, today Jean lives about an hour and a half’s drive from me.

Whenever I go through a rough patch of life, she calls me regularly to check on me and to pray with me. She truly fills in where my own mother cannot.

Jean truly is my other mother.


- This wonderful story was submitted by Glory Borgeson -

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