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A wonderful woman

My biological mother was not a good mom, to say the very least. She was mean, emotionally as well as physically abusive. When she passed away, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from me.

However, as bad as she was, I still felt the loss of a parent. I had lost my daddy seven years before (he was fantastic).

Fast forward three years later to when I met my mother in law, Sheila. She has always been there for me and our children. She took all five of in when we lost our home and never asked for the first nickel. She is such an inspiration to me because she raised four children as a single mother, for the most part. Her first husband, my father in law, was a terrible alcoholic and aside from cheating on her numerous times, he beat her as well. She finally got the courage to leave him and then her second and last husband turned out to be an alcoholic as well and a cheater too. He also developed a cocaine addiction later in their marriage. She left him and had to work two jobs just to support herself and her four children. She has been dealt a lot of bad hands in this life and I would just like to see her get something extra special that would put a smile on her lovely face.

Please help me recognize this terrific woman that became a mother to a girl that didn't really have one. Thank you. (The picture I have included is Sheila and our youngest son, Gabriel, the day he was born.)


- This story was submitted by Terri Gaines -

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