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My mother's soul sister

I was raised by a tribe, by a community of mothers who held us and read to us and watched out for us all like their own. These mothers had found each other early in their parenting journey, they had seen in each other a common purpose for raising healthy and independent children and they shared a great love community and food. But approve (above) all they found in each other a desire to learn as much as they could about raising little humans to happy and healthy big humans with kind hearts. So this group of mothers become a collective, they read about babies, breastfeeding, education, neurology, nutrition and love and they shared what they learned with each other during long days at the park sitting on the grass.

While I know that my life was truly blessed to have had this tribe of mothers watching out for me and helping me find my path with love and endless support I am most profoundly grateful for the love of my "other mother"; Susan. My mother met Susan when she was 6 months pregnant with me and after a book lent and a bread starter given they became best friends and sisters of the soul. Susan has been my mother’s confidant and conspirator, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold in joy for more than half of their lives. Susan has loved my sister and I with the same wholeheartedness she has loved her sons. She has made all of us stronger and more musical being a presence in our lives. Over the years she has confused many people when she introduces me as her daughter, never noticing the confusion on their faces because to her that label makes perfect sense, after all she is my "other mother".

Note: Susan has been "other mother"; to many, many people in this world as the founder of Sunflower Creative Arts (a small nonprofit) she has touched my hearts and souls then most of us could ever dream of she has been the light, love and support in so many lives, teaching parents to be the very best versions of themselves.

Susan loves with every atom of her being and she shares that love indiscriminately for to her we are all AWAYS worthy and deserving of being loved wholeheartedly.


- This story was submitted by Meade McCoy -

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