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Unique Gift Ideas for Dad

Posted by Catalina Nguyen on

Father's Day is here again. But don't settle for buying a last minute gift for dad again this year. We know how tempting that can be because honestly, gift buying takes a lot of effort. And the pressure is on when it's for dad.

But you need to ask yourself: Do you really want to get him yet another bottle opener to add to his dusty collection of bottle openers? Of course not. This year, you're gonna step it up.

And luckily for you all,  we have some awesome recommendations we'd like to make to you. We promise these Father's Day gifts won't end up sitting on a shelf unused.

Unique gift ideas for Dad


1.  F-Bomb Paperweight ($45) is the epitome of dad jokes. A funny way to let dad know how much you appreciate his classic humor, as corny as it may be sometimes. This paperweight is handmade in the USA with recycled steel.

2.  Wooden Bow Ties ($45-$75) will make dad feel so dapper. Combine dad's old school nostalgia with modern style. These laser-etched bowties are made in many varieties of exotic woods sourced from around the world.

3.  HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker ($30) will make dad's mornings even better. Dad deserves the best, and that means the best cup of coffee. This iced coffee maker flash-chills hot coffee in as fast as a minute without diluting it.

4.  Whisky Stones Beverage Cubes ($20) are the perfect complement to dad's refined whiskey tastes. These drink chillers will take his drink on the rocks to the next level. These soapstone chillers are made in the USA.

5.  Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree ($36-$130) is a unique gift that dad could nurture. You could start his next big hobby. The Chinese Elm bonsai is the perfect beginner tree.

6.  Foot Cardigan Socks Subscription ($9 per month) may enable dad's quirky sock collecting. But that's okay, because who doesn't love being surprised by super fun socks every month? Each month, a random pair of socks will be sent to dad until you decide to cancel your subscription (and you can do so without penalties).

Don't forget a card to go with that awesome gift! Browse the Lovepop Father's Day Cards Collection.

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