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Gifts for New Dads

Posted by Catalina Nguyen on

So your best friend just became a dad and you just realized that you should probably buy something for him for his first Father's Day. Because that's a holiday that you have to shop for your buddies now.

If you're dad yourself, you probably have a very good idea for what to give. But if not, check out this list of nifty gifts that we'd recommend to the new dad.

He will definitely appreciate these for his first Father's Day. Because the only other Father's Day gifts he'll be receiving for a while will be all-too-frequent dirty diapers.

1.  Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones ($300) Being a new dad means very little sleep and very little quiet time. These noise cancellation headphones are perfect for when dad just needs some time to himself to listen to his '80s jams in peace.

2.  Tile Bluetooth Tracker ($25) Keeping track of his new baby will become his top priority so keeping track of everything else might be a little difficult. Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to just about anything, so dad can focus on knowing where his baby is and not his keys.

3.  Diaper Dude Diaper Bag ($65-$110) For the new dad who isn't ready to carry around a colorful and flowery diaper bag. Diaper Dude has created a variety of inconspicuous diaper bags with functionality and modern fashion in mind.

4.  Matching Dad Shirt and Baby Onesie ($30-$33) Every new dad just wants a kid to be a total goof with. And buying him matching shirts/onesies for him and his baby is the perfect gift for a dad figuring out this whole fatherhood thing. Because obviously it's about wearing matching clothes with your child.

5.  Dad's Playbook ($9) Every frazzled new dad will appreciate a gift that makes their job easier. This playbook is full of motivation and inspiration as it applies to fatherhood that can help settle the stress.



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