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15 Meaningful Father’s Day Messages for Grandfathers

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Father’s Day is sneaking up on us quickly. If you don’t know what to get dad, or just need to add the perfect touch to your already amazing gift, you can never go wrong with a thoughtfully written greeting card.

Picking out one of our personalized greeting is the easy part. Sometimes writing how much someone means to us is the most difficult part.

Below is a list of 15 meaningful Father’s Day messages for Grandfathers to help you compose the perfect card.

Golf Ball Pop Up Father's Day Card

1.) Grandpa, when I think of you I think of, sharing popsicles on the porch, big bear hugs, and the unconditional love you have shown me through the years. Enjoy your special day, I love you!

2.) You taught me how to change the oil on a car and how to be a friend but most importantly you were the best friend to me growing up. I love you Grandpa! Happy Father’s Day.

3.) Grandpas are full of great advice. No matter the advice, Grandpa, you have always looked out for my best interest and I am forever grateful. Have a great day, you deserve it!

4.) Only the best fathers get promoted to GRANDfather. You are Grand and we love you!

5.) I thought I was lucky getting to have you as a father. Having my children look up to a role model like you is priceless. Happy Father’s Day!

6.) Grandpas make the world a little kinder, a little softer, and a whole lot more fun! Enjoy your special day!

7.) Grandpas have the wisdom of many years, and the tenderness of a loving heart. We love you Grandpa!

8.) Grandpa, you have a love that is never ending, arms that are never empty, and a heart that is always full. Have a wonderful day! We love you.

9.) Grandpas hearts are made of gold, hands are made of steel and hugs that can cure any worry. Thank you for always being there for me Grandpa!

10.) From soccer games in the rain, to ballet for hours, Grandpa you have always been so supportive which means the world to us. Thank you and we hope you have a great Father’s Day.

11.) Grandpa, your love is like you, it never goes out of style. Happy Father’s Day.

12.) Strong roots, make beautiful leaves. Thank you Grandpa for adding so much love to our Family Tree.

13.) Full of wisdom and charm, thank you for being the best Grandpa I could wish for.

14.) Just one more cookie Grandpa? Just one more ride Grandpa? Thanks for always letting me have that ONE more special moment with you. Happy Father’s Day Grandpa!

15.) We hope you have a BEARY good Father’s Day Grandpa! We love you.

T-Red Dad Pop Up Father's Day Card

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