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Pets of Lovepop: 2021 🐶🐱🐥

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All american pet photo day
July 11th is All American Pet Photo Day! We're celebrating with our team's furry friends.
Share your cutest pet moments with us on social media using #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay and #LovepopMoment.

all american pet photo day
Cammy, 8-year-old Domestic Short Hair
She loves anything crinkly and is super food motivated. We were able to teach her to sit and give paw, but now she'll give you her paw to say "please feed me"—even when it isn't meal time.

all american pet photo day
Pookie, 6-month-old Goldendoodle
He will eat just about anything you put in front of him. He has often been told that he has very human eyes and resembles a wise old man.

all american pet photo day
Jaws, 5-year-old English Bulldog
His favorite activities include sleeping and snacking. His least favorite things include boxes (very scary) and long walks.

all american pet photo day
Jasper, 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Lab Mix
Rescued from Tennessee, his interests include chasing bunnies, barking at delivery people, and sitting on the comfy furniture.

all american pet photo day
Miller, 3-year-old Bernedoodle
He is a lover of long walks on the beach, making new friends, and peanut butter.

all american pet photo day
Mavis, 1-year-old Boxer
She loves any kind of treat, other dogs, humans, and fetch. She is very curious about everything and enjoys sitting on my balcony watching what's happening on the street/sidewalk below.

all american pet photo day
Murray, 7-year-old Terrier Mix
Rescued from Alabama. Likes: sunbathing on the patio, barking at the neighbors, begging for rotisserie chicken. Dislikes: skateboards, people who don't live in our house

all american pet photo day
Sally, 2-year-old Toller
She is a triathlete of her own breed--swimming, hiking, and balling. She has never met a body of water she didn't like, and thrives when she has space to run and explore

all american pet photo day
Charlie, 1-year-old English Lab
Loves food, all food, any kind of food. Also loves kids, swimming, playing ball, and chillin with his best doggie cousin, Nessie. He's a loveable guy and hates missing a good time.

all american pet photo day
Lily, 5-year-old Boxer
She will do absolutely anything for a snack. She loves playing with tennis balls and swimming despite sometimes not being able to breathe through her squishy nose.

all american pet photo day
Stella, 1-year-old Lab Mix
Rescued from the streets of Tennessee, she is now a superstar snuggler, an expert beach explorer, and a lover of any and all snacks!

all american pet photo day
Pukis, 7-year-old White Himalayan Persian
Watch out! He loves to steal your avocado from your plate when you're not looking. He also loves tv time and ice cream.

all american pet photo day
Beans, 9-month-old Cockatiel
Named after his favorite food as well as his home city (Beantown/Boston), Beans likes to visit the park in his backpack and sometimes plays with cat toys.

all american pet photo day
Meowmeow, 2-year-old rescue
Her hobbies include hiding in boxes, eating snacks without chewing, and accidentally sending Slack messages by sitting on keyboards.

all american pet photo day
Gigi, 9-year-old rescue
Sleeps for 14-16 hours a day. The rest of her hours are full of snack time, brushy time, play time, and watching TV with the humans. Then it's off to find the next cozy spot to sleep in!

all american pet photo day 2021

Pheobe Waddler-Bridge, 18-month old English Bulldog

Golden Paws, Destroyer of Bullysticks. She is part detective. She takes strong, barkey objection to any object moved without her knowledge. She loves treats, the towel game, hide-and-go-seek, and plain whole milk yogurt.

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