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Paper Presents: Your First Anniversary

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  Traditionally, with each wedding anniversary, comes a gift in the form of a certain material. For example: your 5th anniversary is marked by something made from wood; the 30th is marked by pearl; and the 60th is marked by diamonds. Each wedding anniversary signifies a benchmark in your journey as a couple, and with each passing year your love and partnership grows stronger and it is reflected in these gifts. However, if there’s one anniversary we favor a little more than the others, it’s your first anniversary. This anniversary is marked by gifting an item made from paper. It might seem strange, but paper might just be the perfect complement to a successful first year. [9-30-14]VANITYVA(S3)-BEAUTY[014] ...But Why Paper? Paper’s fragility symbolizes the delicate nature of the first year of marriage while also maintaining an eternal quality. It is a modest medium, but it is the original form of communication and therefore plays an important role in human relationships. Each person’s life is like a book: a collection of paper with knowledge, emotions, and relationships recorded on them. Marriage is a meaningful new page that you can fill with all the amazing experiences shared with your significant other. [9-30-14]VANITYVA(S3)-BEAUTY[024] Gifting Guide  Each marriage is unique, and your first gift to each other as a married couple should reflect that. Some modern paper gifts might include tickets to a show, framed sheet music of your first dance, or a photo album with pictures of your first year together.  LovePop’s Love Collection and Floral Collection are the perfect paper complements to your gift. Not only do our cards offer a space to write your sweet sentiments, but they act as a surprising and everlasting symbol of your love. Your spouse will be able to turn to their LovePop card for a reminder of how unique, beautiful, and surprising your life together truly is. [9-30-14]VANITYVA(S3)-BEAUTY[012]

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