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Music That Moves Us: Felix Jaehn - Shine

Posted by Ale Andres on While it could be a little disheartening that its dusk at 5pm these days, there’s something to be said for the early darkness. Sun worshipers, hear us out. In the summer, we’re still churning at our desks well into the evening hour, working on whatever pressing matter needs to be resolved because we know in the back of our minds we still have that little extra daylight to finish up and drive off into the sunset. Yet, when the days start to end early, our minds seem more focused on hurrying home, bundling up and throwing on a guilty pleasure reality show. And that’s probably really nice, sometimes. But, here at LovePop Cards, we've been thinking that just because the sun is going to bed, doesn't mean we should too. Now is the time to look for a little inspiration in the dark. Instead of rushing to relax, take some time to watch the bright beams from headlights bounce. Let the streetlight be your spotlight. Be inspired by all the radiances and sparkles of life at night. Go ahead, turn your lamps down low and turn your music up. In the glow, we found some brilliance from German producer Felix Jaehn’s recent release “Shine”. This talented DJ mixed up some funky fun beats with soulful saxophone, light flute riffs and gorgeous velvety vocals from Singapore’s Linying. It's the type of music that'll have you imagining yourself in LovePop’s Blue Hot Air Balloon, floating up to the shimmering stars above. So this evening, enjoy some shining sounds and the view from up above. [9-30-14]VANITYVA(S3)-BEAUTY[025]

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  • Received the hot air balloon card for my birthday from my daughter Angela Spillane and son-in-law Colin Spillane. It is truly beautiful. A ride in a hot air balloon is on my wish list! I made a spot for the card on my glassed in shelves to treasure it forever!

    Donna Czesak on

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