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6 Thoughtful Keepsakes for Important Life Moments

Posted by Ale Andres on

What Is A Keepsake?

Be it a family heirloom or your daughter's kindergarten macaroni art on the fridge, keepsakes are pieces of our lives we hold onto and cherish. Keepsakes make us feel connected to the past, present, and future; they are tangible tokens that connect us across generations and provide comfort, happiness, and security. We "keep" an item for the "sake" of the memories it holds for us. They signify life benchmarks and serve as a comforting compass to help us remember the love in our lives. [9-30-14]VANITYVA(S3)-BEAUTY[011]

Perfect Pieces For Your Posterity

When we are invited to share experiences together, giving a keepsake is the perfect way to mark the moment for posterity. However, giving a substantial enough gift to be considered a keepsake might seem like an overwhelming task, so LovePop has put together 6 thoughtful keepsakes for our significant life moments that will be cherished for years to come. 1. Watch love grow. Start a tradition and begin to build a beatiful pearl neacklace for that special person by adding a pearl to a delicate, wearable chain on any special occasion. This is a beautiful gift that can be worn as it grows and it will serve as a reminder to your mother, daughter, friend, or family member that you are with them every step of the way.  

2. Create a custom keepsake. Commemorate a loved one or celebrate a milestone by turning your sentimental fabric into a uniquely custom teddy bear. Each memory bear is created from fabric and materials that are meaningful to you. This could be your mother’s fur coats, your father’s neckties, your baby’s blanket, your husband’s uniform, your wedding dress or much more. A precious, huggable piece of history. Image Source:[/caption] 3. Useful for years. Creating a calendar filled with photos of your loved ones is a great way to enjoy your pictures all year long. Each month, feature as many photos as you like with a variety of layouts. No only do these custom calendars allow you to mark special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries for the coming year, but they do double duty as a photo album to look back at for years to come. Image Source:[/caption] 4. Warm their hearts and their homes.  Whether it's their first home together or moving to a new one, commemorate the family's milestone with a thoughtful keepsake like this custom portrait ornament. Each year your loved ones will trim the tree and reminisce as they hang this delicate, thoughtful reminder of the house they turned into a home.

Image Source: MagicMarkingsArt via Etsy Image Source: MagicMarkingsArt via Etsy 5. Keep warm in a keepsake. The gift of a monogrammed blanket like this one from Pottery Barn is not just a luxurious way to stay toasty! By putting a family name or initials onto a cozy blanket, you are creating an heirloom that generations can wrap themselves in and admire year after year. It is a wonderful experience knowing this blanket will swaddled your future family members in a comforting and cozy embrace. 

Image Source: Pottery Barn Image Source: Pottery Barn 6. Give more love. Written letters are a tangible form of communication that generations after us can hold onto, touch, open up, and read. They are not a text or an email. When we open a letter or card, it can reconnect us to memories we hold dear, the people we know, and the places we've been. Our amazing LovePop Cards are not just unique keepsakes to look at, they have the potential to be filled with words of laughter, sorrow, happiness, and love. These are thoughtful keepsakes that can communicate messages across generations.

ornate_fountain_flowers-blue_green_tuscan-paper_lovepop_popup_card-beauty Our beautiful fountain of flowers!

Don't Forget...

Memories are essential to our human experience; they fill in the pages of our personal biographies and make our stories all the more rich and riveting. Whether it is a string of pearls passed down on a wedding day or a family collection of photographs, we connect our thoughts, memories, and emotions to these items. It is these little treasures that bring us comfort and familiarity throughout our lives and they are concrete ways to send our memories directly to future generations.

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  • Out of these options, which are all great by the way, I think the most personal must be a written letter of some form or another. I can browse around a store for products. However, that doesn’t compare to sitting down, considering how I feel about that person, and sharing it, holding no feelings back. Thanks for sharing these, they are truly beautiful!

    Steven Harrison on

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