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4 Reasons Why People Love LovePop Cards

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If you didn't love them enough already, here are 4 reasons why people love LovePop Cards!

  1.  They’re custom. Each of our exclusive card designs has been created by us. From concept to completion, we ensure that each card is a particular expression of the LovePop ideals of uniqueness and creativity. Using various design programs, like Auto CAD, our design team takes our original sketches and ideas and turns them into reality. We put all the care that you want to express to the closest people in your life into the design and execution of these cards.


Lifestyle shot Young America open

The Young America clipper ship is a replica of the original, designed by William Webb!

  1. They’re tangible. Greeting cards are often the preferred mode of contacts for many people who wish to hear from friends and family across the country or even down the street, especially during the holidays. We cannot touch an email nor can we hug a text message; fortunately, greeting cards like ours are pieces of loved ones we can pick up, open, and actually experience. A LovePop Card reaches far beyond the traditional card. When filled with thoughtful sentiments for your friends and family, each card transforms into a loving keepsake to enjoy year after year.


 The Blooming Cherry Blossom Tree is one of our most celebrated cards!

  1. They’re blank. How often have you stood in the aisle of a supermarket or pharmacy, searching for the perfect card to honor a major life moments? As we rack the shelves in frustration it seems as though the cards’ messages are too much, not enough, or simply not meaningful enough. However, filling a LovePop Card with your handwritten individual wishes provides it's recipient with an unexpected, deeply personal connection. Time is the most precious thing we have to give. If we spend time choosing, writing and sending a LovePop Card we are helping people feel valuable and worthwhile. Who would have thought a greeting card could do so much?

Lifestyle photo of our red white and blue ferris wheel.

 A whimsical interpretation of a classic ferris wheel; this is one of our most versatile cards. 4. They're unexpected. Upon first glance, our cards seem to fall into the grain of the typical greeting card: paper and flat. However, opening a LovePop Card reveals a surprise nothing short of magical. Each 3D structure springs to life, often multiple inches tall and wide leaving us wide eyed with wonder: how'd it do that!? Today, when we spot a handwritten envelope within the mail cluster of bills and circulars, our hearts skip a little beat. Who is it from? What's inside? It's a little dose of excitement in our oft ordinary lives. Imagine the surprise when your loved one opens our handcrafted pop-up cards with centerpieces like no other! Sending a surprise so grand in such a small package is a sure way to unwrap something unexpected. LovePop brand symbol


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