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Avoid A Valentine's Day Disaster

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Valentine's Day is meant to be a sweet celebration of romance and devotion, but once it has been botched, no other holiday can turn love from sweet to sour so quickly. The great news is that with a little thoughtful preparation you and your loved one can have a day filled with passion and excitement. Here are 5 simple ways to avoid a Valentine's Day disaster...

1. Be yourself. This may seem simple, but we often try our hardest to make each Valentine's Day so spectacularly romantic that we stress ourselves out attempting to impress our significant others. If you're not the kind of couple that can stare longingly at each other over candlelight and classical music, there's no need to attempt to do that on Valentine's Day. It will feel uncomfortable and stuffy. Stick to things you absolutely love to do, like going for a romantic bike ride or building a snow fort and spending the afternoon inside drinking champagne and eating chocolate! 2. Plan ahead. This year, Valentine's Day is on a Saturday; Saturdays are already very popular for dining out and participating in our favorite activities that we don't have time for during the week. It is extremely important to plan ahead when putting together your ideal day. This doesn't just apply to making reservations for dinner. For example, flowers fly off the shelves fast during the Valentine's Day season. Make sure to call your local florist to have a bouquet ready for pick-up when the special day arrives. Just a little preparation will go a long way and ensure you have a stress-free, successful day. 3. Set the mood. Whether you're going out or staying in, you can do a few things to create romantic ambiance and put your date in a good mood. Today is about celebrating your love for one another, so don't hesitate to dress up a bit and take extra care of your appearance. Speak to your special someone in gentle, loving tones and make sure to pay extra attention to your conversation. A simple suggestion might also be to set aside a time where you can "unplug" from the digital world and focus on each other. Your conversation will be relaxing and will definitely contribute to your romantic moods! 4. Play up the element of surprise. Your date might know you have something planned for Valentine's Day, but don't tell them everything you're doing. Have a home-cooked meal ready and waiting for them when they walk through the door, surprise them with candy and flowers at work, or leave a beautiful handwritten card for them to express your love and appreciation for them. Need a card that will certainly surprise your sweetheart? Check out our unique collection of beautiful pop up Valentine's Day cards here. 5. Keep it simple. Rather than overwhelming your Valentine with lots of store-bought gifts, focus on creating a meaningful experience complete with moments that are reflective of your beautiful relationship. Connection, thoughtfulness, and expression are the key to keeping you out of the doghouse this year. Your Valentine will appreciate the simple fact that you put care and time into making your day together a unique and special experience.

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