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12 Surprising Birthday Gifts for Her

Posted by Ale Andres on

Birthdays are always a special day, and for good reason! It's the one day you can call your own: celebrations, cake, and presents all for you! However, when it comes to celebrating your leading lady's birthday, the thought of tackling the perfect gift can be overwhelming.

Whether it's your girlfriend, wife, mother, or even your best friend, women want to be surprised, pampered, and celebrated (and let's face it, they deserve it!) on their birthdays. The key to curating a unique and memorable birthday is to surprise your gal with thoughtful gestures that speak specifically to her, not just store-bought paraphernalia.

For example, a beautiful beach cruiser like the one below will appeal to her active side but also having a day planned to bike ride along your favorite boardwalk will make the birthday experience a day she can remember forever.

Or, if she hails from another state, our pick of the silver Home State Necklace (#4) with a diamond placed on the zip code of your choosing, will make a great gift along with a home-cooked meal of her favorite food from home.

Choosing a gift is the first step, but expressing your sentiments and thoughtfulness along with that gift is the key to staying out of the doghouse.

Check out our 12 surprising birthday gifts for her that are perfect additions to help celebrate your lucky lady's perfect day.


1. Crystal Cupcake Paperweight // 2. Birthday Cake PopUp Card // 3. Frends Floral Headphones // 4. Home State Necklace // 5. Picnic Basket Set for Two // 6. Zodiac Sign Wine // 7. Electric Butterfly in a Jar // 8. Giant Custom Birthday Fortune Cookie // 9. Gold Astrology Bracelet // 10. Beach Cruiser // 11. Constellation Zodiac Glasses // 12. Sequin Ice Cream Cone Sweater

Need more ideas? Check out our collection of unique and surprising birthday cards here.

Lovepop Springtime Picnic Pop-Up Card

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