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Celebrating a Coworker's Birthday

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Celebrating a co-worker's birthday is an exciting chance to break up the monotony of everyday business to honor someone not just for their professional achievements, but for the person he or she really is. However, before you break out the birthday cake and bubbly, here are 4 things to remember when celebrating a coworker's birthday.
  1. Respect their (birthday) wishes. Always check in beforehand with your employee or coworker to get a sense of how they usually celebrate their day. Perhaps they may not feel comfortable with an entire party dedicated to them; in this case, you might want to consider something more low-key. If he or she feels comfortable with a more traditional birthday celebration, remember to find out if they favor a certain cake flavor, drink choice, or food preference. Taking these things into consideration will make your co-worker feel valued and appreciated for their hard work they've contributed throughout the year.
  1. Consider your office size. Working at a large corporation versus working at a small company leaves you with many options to consider when celebrating a special day. If your division or office is quite large, it may be beneficial to consider hosting a "birthday month" party rather than 25 individual parties. This is significantly less expensive and will give employees something to look forward to each month. A smaller more intimate company may consider taking him or her out to their favorite restaurant or ordering a cake with the person's name on it.
  1. Treat each birthday fairly. When organizing a celebration for a colleague, it's imperative to keep a standard operating procedure for each person or group. Throwing a blow-out celebration for one employee and falling short for another can be interpreted negatively. The co-worker may feel like they are not appreciated or liked as much as another. Keep morale and spirits high by treating each colleague with equal respect on their special day.
  1. Don't forget the card! Expressing celebratory wishes and sentiments towards a colleague is a way to show you appreciate them as a person and not just an employee. Choosing the right birthday card that is work appropriate can be difficult, so opt for a blank card and fill it with your own wishes for more successful years to come. Check out our amazing collection of pop-up birthday cards that will surprise and delight the entire office!
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