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12 Surprising Birthday Gifts for Him

Posted by Ale Andres on

 Don't let his birthday surprise you this year!  Be prepared to surprise your favorite guy with one of these unique birthday gifts that he will be sure to remember.

Whatever makes your best guy smile, there is something out there that he hasn't seen before.  Surprise the book worm with a fantastic set of bookends that will make him dream of daredevil acts.  And set up your favorite handyman with a tool that is guaranteed to ensure that he is always ready to fix something with the Pocket Monkey tool.  Is he always complaining about warm beer at backyard barbecues? Then make sure he is prepared to have a nice cold one with the Chillsner.  Still can't seem to find something that will make him smile?  Check out LovePop's complete collection of Birthday Cards for something to light up his day.

birthday gifts for him1. Chillsner / 2. Short Circuit Bow Tie / 3. Toggle Switch Plate / 4. Cork Watch / 5. Pocket Monkey / 6. Hammerhead Bottle Opener / 7. LovePop Young America Card / 8. Stainless Wallet / 9. Pocket Knife Cufflinks / 10. Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers / 11. Shot from a Cannon Bookends / 12. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

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