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Belated Birthday Card Etiquette

Posted by Courtney Bender on

More than likely, this scenario has happened to you: You're standing at the kitchen counter, sipping a cup of coffee, flipping through your daily planner when it hits you: today is a very special someone's birthday and you completely forgot to send a card! Suddenly you are overcome by guilt and fear. "I can't believe I didn't remember," you think to yourself. "Even if I sent a card today they'll certainly know I forgot!" Well, here at LovePop, we know from experience that even if you're birthday wishes are belated they are always a valuable and cherished way to remember your loved one's special day... So don't panic! Here are our belated birthday card etiquette guidelines to help you through this predicament:

1. Still send that card!
Why? First, if you know your friend or family member has been wondering where your birthday wishes are, a handwritten card is a thoughtful way to express your apologies for missing the big day; it also gives you a chance to acknowledge responsibility for your forgetfulness in a meaningful way. Second, if you're know your friend isn't into the b-day hype, it's still a considerate and private way to surprise them with something special from someone they love!

2. It's the thought that counts.
Sometimes, it's not about the card itself but rather the message it contains. Taking the time to compose a message that not only acknowledges and apologizes for your slip-up but also honors the individual and their accomplishments from that year is the perfect way to make up for your forgetfulness. Here is a great example to work from: "...I can't believe time has gone so quickly that I forgot to send something over for your birthday. I hope you had a great day and know that I'm thinking of you today and always. Let's get together for a birthday celebration as soon as you're free!"

3. Keep it lighthearted.
It's definitely okay to apologize in your message, but try not to overdo it. Too many "I'm sorries" will weigh down the original intention of your card: making your loved one feel special and appreciated. In order to keep the message light and fun, it's okay to also use a little humor to diffuse the situation. Your special someone will definitely appreciate your extra thoughtful message and enjoy hearing from you. Need an extra special card for a belated birthday? Check out our awesome collection of pop-up birthday cards that will definitely surprise and delight.

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