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Make the new school year memorable with LovePop

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Although summer heat still lingers in the air, September brings with it the promise of all things fall. Multi-colored leaves, cozy sweaters, the inevitable pumpkin spice latte, and of course... a new school year. While the start of school isn't always welcomed with open arms, it is refreshing to know that you have another chance to start new and make this year more successful than the last. Wether you're a student, teacher, parent, or staff member, we want to help you make the new school year memorable with LovePop. jungle animal friends pop up card If you're a teacher... Welcome students to the first day of class with a surprise. Set a LovePop Card out on each desk with a handwritten note inside. Wish them a successful start to the year with encouraging words and advice. Not only will the students be mesmerized by the intricate design that pops to life, but it will open up a discussion on things you may be studying in the coming months: technology, nature, art, handwriting, or even the proper way to compose a letter. It also makes a great gift to send home, perhaps to thank the class mom or to wish a student happy birthday. Close-up of mama bird feeding baby bird paper LovePop pop-up card If you're a student... Remember that your teacher has probably spent the last summer weeks tirelessly constructing the perfect classroom and curriculum for this year. Introduce yourself to your new teacher(s) in an unexpected way: with a LovePop Card. Because the beginning of school can be very stressful, teachers will surely appreciate the moment of delight a LovePop Card brings. They can put the card on display on their desks or within the classroom as a reminder that they are truly appreciated. Paper pop up card, willow tree, green Although the first days of school are a great time to greet someone with a special card, any time of the year is perfect for celebrating with the entire school community. Say thank you to the janitor for always cleaning up even the ugliest of messes, wish the Principal a happy birthday, or even send the secretary a special card for being the gatekeeper of the school. Whatever the reason, make this year meaningful and memorable with a thoughtful gesture that will help set the tone for the best school year yet.

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