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Choosing the perfect get well card

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

There are many reasons one might choose to give a friend or loved on a get well card. Whether your Grandma is recovering from the flu or your best friend is recovering from her last round of chemo, giving a card with a heartfelt message is a thoughtful gesture. lovepop cards are blank and allow you to pick the perfect card without worrying about a mismatched message preprinted on it.

Choosing the perfect get well card

The get well card you choose doesn't have to be a traditional floral themed one. Our assortment leaves it up to you. Is the recipient a sports fan? Perhaps you know an animal lover who could use some cheering up? There is a card for every lifestyle. Pick the one you feel is most likely to bring a much-needed smile to the recipient's face.

What to write in your get well card

Do your best to avoid cliches and platitudes. Dig deep and jot something straight from your heart. Use a blank piece of paper for practice before putting pen to paper. Think about times you haven't felt your best and what you would have loved to hear.

Consider writing an IOU inside the card offering the recipient a lovely dinner or a few hours of yard work whenever he or she is feeling up to it. A get well card can also be a gift in and of itself, combined with a gift card inside it might be the sweetest surprise a friend or loved one has received in a while. Another idea is to emphasize positive memories and hopes for the future while maintaining an empathetic tone. Ensuring that the recipient is reminded not only of good times past but lovely things the future hold ensures that your card will serve as a memento of friendship during a tough time.

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What's your idea of the perfect get well card?

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