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Wedding greeting cards

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

Ever heard of a wedding greeting card? No worries if not. I'll fill you in. Maybe you didn't make the cut for a spot on the wedding guest invite list. Don't take it personally. Weddings are expensive, and everyone knows you hate chicken dinners. You wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway, but you're a decent human being who wants to wish someone well on their newfound matrimony. The best way to congratulate the newlyweds is to send a wedding greeting card.

wedding greeting cards

If you're feeling a little salty about being snubbed, we understand. That can hurt. You were there when they met and watched the relationship evolve from weird, pulsing off tempo dancing to Flo-rida in a dive bar to picture perfect engagement. Where was Great Aunt Ruth back then? Nowhere to be found I'm sure. 

wedding gretting cards

You were definitely snubbed, and we are sorry. Let it go and generate some good karma by sending a wedding greeting card. You'll look like a hero and also remind them of what they missed out on when they didn't invite you to their wedding. We've heard about your sweet moves, and the loss is totally theirs.

Rub it in with an impressive card.

Choosing a wedding greeting card

  • Select a card that is reflective of the couple's relationship
  • Consider both parties' interests and hobbies when choosing a theme
  • Congratulate the couple on taking the plunge into matrimony
  • Ask your parents or grandparents for marriage advice you could potentially include in the story. Steer clear from anti-marriage types. While their advice might be totally valid (we've heard it's not the best idea to marry someone we met on Tinder but please note haven't tested this hypothesis) this isn't the time to share these types of sentiments
  • Close your greeting with a reminder that you care about the couple as a whole and individually and wish them the best
Have you ever gifted a couple a wedding greeting card?

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  • Do you have a wedding card with a beach theme?

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