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What is a Halloween card?

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

Halloween has evolved from a kids' holiday to a national celebration people of all ages enjoy. Today nearly everyone celebrates Halloween. Whether you're attending an adult Halloween party or chilling at home and handing out candy to little ghouls and goblins, chances are you're getting in on the fun.

In recent years Halloween has become a card giving holiday. No one is more excited about this fantastic news than the Lovepop team. There's tons of inspiration to draw from when creating Halloween designs. From spooky to silly and traditional to modern, there is no shortage of pop-culture and historical events to reference.

What is a Halloween card?

A Halloween greeting card is anything you want it to be. Seriously. It could be a spooky yet silly reminder to a friend that you still exist. A Halloween card could be a fun gift for your nieces and nephews to help you keep that cool auntie or uncle title. Or a Halloween greeting card can be given to the millions of people who share a birthday with the spookiest day of the year.

It's whatever you want it to be. Halloween cards are an entirely unexpected yet fabulous surprise in an envelope for friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who could use a smile.

When we began working on Halloween designs, last year we set out to capture the spirit of Halloween from a variety of perspectives. We put a lot of thought into who we'd give a Halloween card to, which one we'd choose, and why.

Here are a few use cases for Halloween cards straight from the Lovepop team:

Lovepop Pop-up Vampire Halloween Card

Mike: I would send the vampire to my family because I am a parasite.


Lovepop Scaredy Cat Pop Up Halloween Card

Wayne: I would send my friend the scaredy cat card because her birthday is October 31st and her personality matches this card.

Lovepop Day of the Dead Pop-up Halloween Card

Wombi: I'd send my mother Day of the Dead because it’s the most awesome. I might also send her the Witch's Brew card cause she’s always a witch for Halloween.


Lovepop Pop-up Fall Bear Halloween Card

Veronica: I'd give Fall Bear to my kids' teachers to score some points for all the times I am late to afternoon pick-up or forget to pack my kids' homework.

There are many fun ways to gift and use Halloween cards. Seasonal paper art is a fun way to get into the spirit of a holiday (any holiday!) and let someone special know you're thinking of them.

Who would you give a Halloween card to?

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