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Canoe Pop-Up Card
            pop up card
Canoe Pop-Up Card
            pop up card
Canoe Pop-Up Card
            pop up card
Canoe Pop-Up Card
            pop up card

Canoe Pop-Up Card 3D card


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A canoe rests on the shoreline of a lake surrounded by serene mountains on the cover on the cover of this pop up card. It is a hint of the fun that awaits inside this imaginative greeting card.

Inside the card, there is a 3D pop-up of the cutest canoeing duo of all time. A fox and bear set off for an afternoon of adventure and paddle down a river peacefully. In the background, there is a log cabin, camping tent, and evergreen forest.

Inspiration for the Canoe Pop-Up Card:
Cute and expressive faces are a dead giveaway that Lovepop designer Kathie was involved in the design. When she initially imagined the Canoe concept, it included humans, but there wasn't enough excitement.

She then tried two bears, but two bears seemed excessive. Kathie threw in a fox to see what kind of reaction it would generate at Lovepop HQ. Once she showed the fox and bear prototype around the office, she knew she had a winner on her hands.

A few people imagined some rather elaborate stories around the fox and the bear. Juli worried that they were fighting because they were sitting at the ends of the canoe, while Veronica, saw a budding romance between a single fox mom of two and strong but gentle bear friend.

Patrick felt like the lines on the bear, and its flexing arm (when not holding the oar) made it look super buff, which led to us calling the bear “Strongbear.” Most people though were just glad that the two were following proper safety precautions by wearing life jackets.

Occasions for the Canoe Card:
This pop up card is a great gift to send to a child who's enjoying nature at summer camp. Also a fabulous birthday card for your outdoorsy friends.

Let your imagination run wild with possibilities, and you are sure to think of plenty of uses for this cute design. 

The Canoe pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that tucks away with your own personal touch.

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