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Hedgehogs in Love Classic Pop Up Card
            pop up card
Hedgehogs in Love Classic Pop Up Card
            pop up card
Hedgehogs in Love Classic Pop Up Card
            pop up card

Hedgehogs in Love Classic Pop Up Card 3D card

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The laser-cut illustration on the cover of the Hedgehogs in Love card hints at the woodland cuteness inside. There is a colorful, oversized mushroom on a patch of green grass with a mischievous hedgehog peeking out from behind.

Open the whimsical card and enjoy a 3D scene unlike any you've ever seen before. A laser-cut patch of grass with charming details including a snail and flowers surrounds a red spotted mushroom with a lovable hedgehog on top. Another hedgehog in the foreground plays the lute to the delight of its hedgehog friend.

Inspiration for the Hedgehogs in Love Valentine's Day card:
The Hedgehogs in Love card was a last minute addition to the 2017 Valentines Day collection. After wrapping up a design meeting about the cards that will be pushed through the design cycle for V-day, something didn’t feel right. There wasn’t anything on the books for a cute card that wasn’t the standard pink, red, white typical Valentine theme or a romantic life-like scene for people who are dating or married.

Another mini-brainstorm began, and some cute ideas came out of that like the Peanut Butter & Jelly card, Sloths, and Hedgehogs. Although the other ideas were just as great and can definitely be brought back in the future, there was no time to make all of these so the hedgehogs were chosen for this round.

From very early on, the image of cute hedgehogs sitting under a mushroom was visualized. A prototype was made but, after some discussion with the team, it was decided that putting one of the hedgehogs on top of the mushroom would make the hedgehogs more interactive with the environment rather than sitting in front of it.

Naturally, that led to one of the hedgehogs holding a lute down below and serenading the other hedgehog sitting on top of the mushroom.

The card was now complete.

A few more prototypes worked out the rest of the scene which included replacing a poorly drawn fern, which looked like a millipede, with a much better fern and leaves.

The cuteness of the Hedgehogs in Love card almost pivoted the direction of Lovepop into a company that only makes cute hedgehog scene pop-up cards (by almost we mean it was mentioned as a semi-joking/semi serious idea in passing).

Occasions for the Hedgehogs in Love Valentine's Day card:
This pop-up card is a magical gift for anyone in your life who is Lovepop worthy. Reminiscent of too many classic movies to mention, the serenading hedgehog is a timeless symbol of love anyone is guaranteed to love.

Hedgehogs in Love is also an excellent choice for Valentine's Day, your beloved's birthday or your anniversary.

The Hedgehogs in Love pop-up card is 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall.

One romantic Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that tucks away with your own personal touch.


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