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Mother’s Day Floral Nesting Card
            pop up card
Mother’s Day Floral Nesting Card
            pop up card

Sentiment: Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Floral Nesting Card

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Lovepop Drops:  Small-batch releases of cutting-edge art & engineering delivered straight from our workshop. 

These pop-up cards fit together like nesting dolls, creating a ripple effect with their messages and floral themes. The largest card is light blue and says 'Mom you are' on the front, a 3D message that says 'AMAZING' popping up inside. The next card is pink and reads 'truly such an...' with 'INSPIRATION' in 3D on the inside. A bright yellow card comes next, reading 'simply' on the front and 'the best' popping out inside. Finally, a small white card says 'What I'm trying to say is...' on the front, with 'Happy Mother's Day' jumping out on the inside.

The Mother's Day Floral Nesting Card is a beautiful memento that can make this holiday special for your mother, especially if she loves flowers. Send this unique greeting card to your mom, your grandmother, or your spouse to celebrate them this Mother's Day and show how much you care.

Size + Quantity:
One 5in. x 7in. pop-up card, with three smaller nesting pop-up cards included inside. One blank envelope and a miniature Lovepop Note that slides away with your own personal touch.

Card dimensions: 

5in x7in

3.75in x 5.25in

4in x 2.8in

2.1in x 3in

Miniature Lovepop note dimensions: 

1.8in x 2.5in

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