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Oculus Pop-Up Card
            pop up card
Oculus Pop-Up Card
            pop up card
Oculus Pop-Up Card
            pop up card

Oculus Pop-Up Card 3D card

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The cream cover of the Oculus pop-up card features an illustration of the Santiago Calatrava-designed building.

Inside there is a beautifully detailed 3D replica of the world famous Oculus building located in New York City.

Inspiration for the Oculus Pop Up Card:
Our team created this design to celebrate our retail expansion and the opening of the Lovepop kiosk in the Oculus, our first location in New York City.

World renowned Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava designed the Oculus to resemble "a bird being released from a child's hands."

Located at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, this iconic New York City building is visited by millions every year.

Occasions for the Oculus Card:
Commemorate a trip to New York City with a friend with this awe-inspiring pop-up card. Give the Oculus card to an architect or engineer on their birthday or to celebrate the culmination of a project.

Also a great gift for anyone who is a fond of Santiago Calatrava's work.

The Oculus card is 5 inches x 7 inches.

One stunning Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.

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