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Party Owl Pop Up Card
            pop up card
Party Owl Pop Up Card
            pop up card
Party Owl Pop Up Card
            pop up card

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Party Owl Pop Up Card 3D card

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The golden cover of the Party Owl pop up features a cartoon-like owl spreading out its white wings releasing stars!

Inside the Party Owl card, a cartoonish owl pops out at you and is front-and-center on the card. The brown, white, and gold owl is starry-eyed (literally) with its wings wide-open in excitement because it has just walked into the best party ever.

Inspiration for the Party Owl card:
Lovepop designer Kathie loves owls -- and we mean reaaaally loves owls. According to Kathie, she owns about 20 different owly things and is always looking to add to her collection. This design will most certainly end up with the collection in addition to her previous Snowy Owl design.

So what ultimately was the inspiration behind this Party Owl? Kathie took inspiration from the style of owls that are often made for home decorations or children’s clothing. Wanting to keep it fun and playful, Kathie didn’t base the owl off of any real species, but instead, she let her imagination run wild.

Occasions for the Party Owl card:
Give the Party Owl to your friend who will be celebrating their birthday in style or to your recent graduate for a job well done in school!

Also, perfect to use as an invitation and build excitement for a New Year’s party.

The Party Owl pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One lively Lovepop with one blank envelope.
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