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Sport Bike Pop-Up Card
            pop up card
Sport Bike Pop-Up Card
            pop up card
Sport Bike Pop-Up Card
            pop up card

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Sport Bike Pop-Up Card 3D card

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The black cover of the Sport Bike card features a laser-cut illustration of a sporty, visor-protected helmet. Safety first.

Inside of the Sport Bike pop up card, a biker decked out in all black is zipping down the raceway leaving nothing but smoke behind in its tracks on a 3D red, white, and gray sportbike.

To best enjoy the Sport Bike pop up card, head on outside and follow the sounds of “vroom vroom” to the nearest sport bike.

Inspiration for the Sport Bike card:
By popular customer demand, designer Joe put his efforts into designing the perfect sport bike card. We already have a motorcycle card, but it is decked out in Christmas themes -- but it might not be suitable to be gifted outside of the holiday season.

When developing the card, Joe encountered a couple of issues -- butt one stuck out the most. According to Joe, there was feedback from Jenn about the rider on the sport bike having “too much booty.” After a few revisions to the biker, Jenn commented that it didn’t have enough booty this time around.

Hopefully, now there is the perfect amount of booty for the Sport Bike card, but ultimately Joe wants to let you decide.

Occasions for the Sport Bike card:
The Sport Bike card is perfect for the biker enthusiast in your life on their birthday or to finally please the adrenaline junkie with something that will get their blood pumping.

The Sport Bike pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One fast Lovepop with one blank envelope.
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