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Serene and Humble, Graciousness Itself - Nancy -



Nancy is a mother, grandmother, dancer, yoga teacher, gardener, Episcopal priest, published author, musician.

She embodies so many skills and qualities that I hope to emulate. That is why I asked her to be my spiritual director. With no thought of putting herself in any spotlight, she flows from one talent to another, one activity and obligation to another with such ease and elegance. Her concern for this fragile earth, and all who live on it is manifested in her writing and in her approach to every hour, every day.

When my own mother died three years ago Nancy offered very few words, but how rich they were. Her lack of artifice is so refreshing, and I seek her counsel over the years and miles that separate us. She manages to say the very thing I had not considered! People often say that Spencer Tracy was the best listener and actors study his work on screen.

Well, they should be in Nancy's presence to know what listening really is!


- This lovely story was submitted by Cynthia Crumlish -

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