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A fierce and loyal woman

Carol is a fire-cracker.

She has been through more crazy than I can even imagine. She survived major health issues. She picked herself up when others have let her down.

She moved to a new country at 18 all on her own. She made friends. She traveled the world. She had beautiful children. She loved fiercely even when others did not. She is sarcastic and funny and full of life even when life is not so great.

Her favorite phrase is "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!!!" spoken in a slight Irish brogue. Which is exclaimed with passion whenever she is shocked, surprised, dismayed, angry, or just giving her strong opinion on a matter. And I think she is addicted to hot tea as much as I am to coffee!!!

A woman who is a passionate and loyal as Carol is a treasure to have in your life. My sister and I found ourselves quite in love with this woman who is such a fighter. What I didn't expect was how much love she would give to my children. Especially the babies that I brought into our lives through Foster Care and now adoption. When we made the decision to foster and adopt, I knew I was in for an adventure.

What I didn't expect was the strong emotions and back and forths from the broken foster system. Carol, without hesitation, walked into my house and loved the twin baby girls who were so tiny and precious. They fell in love with her and she with them. She is their grandmother. She is their favorite.

She is the one who helped me keep from going crazy when everything WAS crazy. She would call and check on me. She allowed me to let out my frustration and jumped on board when I was on the "I am so mad I could spit." boat! Not once has she ever made me feel bad for being a passionate, scattered brained mommy. When I have been down about myself, she encouraged me. She spoke life back into me when I was exhausted.

She probably has no idea just how much her love and support has meant to me, especially in the last two years.

When we finalize our adoption for our three babies, I plan on finalizing on her adoption too. She is officially going to be adopted as Grandma Carol!

Every one of my children love Grandma Carol! And I love her too.

She is my "Other Mother."

She is my friend.


- This beautiful story was submitted by Keikilani Jackson -

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